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Are you a teacher? A fitness trainer? Someone that provides a service that can be moved from in-person to online? If yes, don’t waste another second losing another lesson or session by going digital.

Hi! I'm Tamela.

I teach 1-on-1 website development for non-techies. Whether at your favorite coffee shop with wifi or the comfort of your own home, I make it easy and convenient for people of ages 12 – 60+ to learn how to build effective websites. 

Tamela Strandz


WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Canva

and master it!


WP Refresher Course

How many PHP updates ago has it been since you've touched WordPress? Need a refresher? Start here.

Learn how to activate SSL's, protect your site from malicious attacks, build a page from scratch (no coding necessary) and more. 

Learn Wix

Wix is one of the most beginner type platform for 1st time website owners. Join this course to learn how to professionally build a website implementing, CTA's, eCommerce, Marketing with Wix's backend sources, designing and installing a countdown and many tips and tricks that Wix offers. 

Learn Sqarespace

Squarespace's website building platform provides extremely beautiful and robust layouts to build almost any kind of website whether eCommerce, a website with scheduler, or an informational website.



Tamela Standz is a super compassionate teacher to have taught me how to build my own websites with WordPress and Wix. I saved a lot of time and money with this course.
Brittney Washington
HR Specialist - Texas
WordPress's learning curve took me through a loop when a website client of mine, requested WordPress as their preference. I signed up for Tamela's WordPress one-on-one class and happy that I did.
Chris W
Graphic Designer - Atlanta

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